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Staff Architect II, VMware R&D | Blogger | Evangelist | Technologist | Hacker |

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The Future IT: How do you fit in?

Sep 13, 201956 minutes

This VMworld the vSpeaking team had the opportunity to record a live episode discussing the future of IT and we all fit in. read more

Top 10 VMware Tools

Mar 8, 201951 minutes


Jan 18, 201945 minutes

Episode 65: Expert Blogging Tips

Jan 8, 201841 minutes

Tips from William Lam and the vExperts

Episode 55: Automate all the things

Aug 17, 201744 minutes

Rule 1 of building the cloud: ruthlessly automate everything

Episode 23: VMware {code} Hackathon

Aug 15, 201632 minutes

The opening day of VMworld US 2016 is fast approaching…

Episode 17: Home Labs with William Lam

Jun 24, 201641 minutes

If you're in IT chances are you have some form of…

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