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Francis Daly is a Staff Technical Support Training Specialist in VMware Technical Support University specializing in Storage and Availability and HyperConvergence.

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Episode 59: The Dos and Don'ts of Customer Support

Oct 19, 201740 minutes

In this always-on world we live in, outages are increasingly less and less tolerated. If you're in IT, chances are you've dealt with customer support in some fashion. Was it a positive experience or a nightmare? Would you have done something differently? This week bring in VMware Technical Support Training Specialist, Francis Daly and an enterprise customer Nick Wilson to share the dos and don’ts of customer support.

Topics discussed:

  • How to interact with customer support to expedite your support request
  • What tools are available prior to contacting technical support
  • A few horror stories
  • vSAN troubleshooting tips

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