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Episode 30: vSphere 6.5 HA and DRS with Brian Graf

Nov 8, 201648 minutes

Because there is so much to cover in vSphere 6.5 the Virtually Speaking Podcast decided to dissect it into a multi-part series. Last week we kicked off the series with Part 1 vSphere 6.5 Security with Mike Foley. This week we bring in VMware Product Manager Brian Graf to walk us through the enhancements to vSphere HA and DRS.

Brian Graf is a Senior Product Manager at VMware for Distributed Resource Management (DRS). Previous to Product Management, Brian worked as a Senior Technical Marketing Manager at VMware, focused on PowerCLI Automation and ESXi Lifecycle technologies. His background previous to VMware includes Operations Engineering, Virtualization, Business Intelligence, and Exchange/Blackberry Engineering. Get notification of new blog postings and more by following Brian on Twitter: @vBrianGraf.

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