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Sr Product Line Manager API/SDK/CLI at VMware. Alan is rumored to have close ties to Power-CLI Man.

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Episode 55: Automate all the things

Aug 17, 201744 minutes

"Rule 1 of building the cloud: ruthlessly automate everything.” -@PGelsinger

If you've ever considered automating anything in your VMware environment chances are you've either read a blog post or even used some sample code from one or both of our guests this week.

With VMworld just over a week away we thought it would be a perfect time to bring in our dear friends William Lam and Alan Renouf to get their thoughts on ruthless automation and to see what they have planned for the big show.

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Episode 23: VMware {code} Hackathon

Aug 15, 201632 minutes

The opening day of VMworld US 2016 is fast approaching…

Episode 4: PowerCLI

Mar 10, 201660 minutes

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