Episode 38: Storage Performance

Mar 14, 201732 minutes

Have you ever stopped to think what if conventional wisdom on the consumption of resources is wrong? This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we bring in one of VMware's performance experts, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager Peter Koehler to break down some common misconceptions around storage performance and provide a deeper look into how vSAN stacks up against traditional clustered file systems.

Peter Koehler is a Sr Technical Marketing Manager at VMware in the Storage and Availability Business Unit. He is an IT industry veteran in the design, implementation, and operation of Data Centers. Through years of hands-on experience in Data Center operations, along with consultative efforts with organizations large and small, Pete takes pride in helping others find pragmatic approaches to the Data Center, with an emphasis on data driven decision making, and operational simplicity. Pete is a frequent blogger on Virtual Blocks and his personal blog VMPete. He also contributes a ton of technical content on StorageHub.vmware.com. Follow Pete on twitter @vmpete.

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