Episode 2: Virtual Volumes

Feb 18, 201649 minutes

Virtual Volumes (VVol) is a framework developed by VMware and partners in the storage industry to transform the way VMs are stored by enabling VM-awareness on arrays. VVol eliminates static storage constraints by removing LUNs, filesystems and volumes, and giving the array direct visibility and understanding of the VM objects they store. This enables a flexible policy based approach to storing and managing VMs without traditional concerns about capability and capacity management bounded by LUNs on the physical infrastructure.

As we approach the 1st anniversary of Virtual Volumes we thought it would make sense to bring in Rawlinson Rivera to walk us through the key technical elements and the benefits of using VVols with your traditional storage arrays.

Rawlinson Rivera is a Principal Architect in the Storage and Availability Business Unit at VMware. His responsibilities revolve around providing thought leadership around VMware’s Software-Defined Storage products and solutions as well as the development of technical content for customers, partners, and communities.

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