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Senior Staff Architect at VMware R&D for VMC

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Episode 49: Host Resources Deep Dive

Jul 5, 201731 minutes

The VMware vSphere 6.5 Host Resources Deep Dive is a guide to building consistent high-performing ESXi hosts, This book was written for administrators, architects, consultants, aspiring VCDX-es and people eager to learn more about the elements that control the behavior of CPU, memory, storage and network resources. This week we discuss this new book with the authors, Frank Denneman and Niels Hagoort.

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The Virtually Speaking Podcast is a weekly technical podcast dedicated to discussing VMware topics related to storage and availability. Each week Pete Flecha and John Nicholson bring in various subject matter experts from VMware and within the industry to discuss their respective areas of expertise. If you’re new to the Virtually Speaking Podcast check out all episodes on vSpeakingPodcast.com.

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Jan 19, 201838 minutes

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Aug 10, 201835 minutes

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Apr 5, 201940 minutes

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